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Schism (2008)

17 min 20 sec   |   Short   |   Horror

Trapped in an increasingly hopeless situation, a young woman desperately waits to be rescued… but when someone finally arrives, she quickly realizes that helping her is not their intention.

Shot in Loveland, Colorado over 3 days in early 2008, Schism is a short suspense/thriller piece about a woman trapped in a world somewhere between reality and psychosis. Different Kinds star Jackie Billotte returned to the TMDFilms set to star in the film, which also features Dawn Bower,

Marty Wilhelm and Kitai. The film premiered at “A Night With TMDFilms” at the Mayan Theatre on November 2nd before going on to screen at the November 2009 Emerging Filmmaker’s Project, the 2009 Denver Underground Film Festival and the 2010 EFPalooza.​

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