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Catacomb (2008)

10 min 32 sec   |   Short   |   Drama

Two sisters move through their home, together in their own world. The older sister digs up an old time capsule and loses herself in the memories the objects trigger, while the younger sister battles with a serious and debilitating illness. Together they sort through the pieces of their lives as they prepare to say goodbye. Catacomb is a story about the bong between sisters, a musical piece that explores the relationship between our struggles and our strengths, and how our lives are shaped by loss.

Soleil Lean and Rachael West star as sisters in the short drama Catacomb, which also features original music composed by Jenna Santilli and Michael Anthony Garner. A story about the bonds between sisters and how our lives are shaped by love and loss, Catacomb was shot in August 2008 and premiered at “A Night With TMDFilms” the Mayan Theatre on November 2nd 2009.

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