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Alone (2008)

10 min 45 sec   |   Short   |   Horror

College student Alex is spending Friday evening at home, watching a campy horror film with her best friend over the phone. She’s not one to spook easy, but she just can’t shake the feeling that there’s something not quite right about her apartment this evening. Even her cat seems to feel it…

Alone is a short suspense/horror film shot in Superior, Colorado over a single night in June 2008. Laura Mayo stars as a young woman who can’t quite shake the feeling that her apartment isn’t as empty

as it should be. Laura appears in the film with Tomo, a feisty young cat who has been known to appear in a TMDFilms production from time to time.

The film premiered at the 2009 Castle Rock Film Festival and went on to screen at several other venues, including the October 2009 Emerging Filmmaker’s Project, “A Night With TMDFilms”, the 2010 Festivus Film Festival and the 2010 Kansas City FilmFest.

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