Greg Nemer and Rachael West star in The Armageddon Kitty, a quirky short comedy that also features TMDFilms’ go-to animal actor Tomo in a story about a guy, a girl, a cat, and the end of the world. The Armageddon Kitty premiered at the 2010 Estes Park Film Festival and screened at the 2010 EFPalooza, the 2011 Festivus Film Festival, the 2011 Indie Spirit Film Festival and the 2011 Colorado Independent Women of Film Festival.

Written & Directed by Eileen Agosta
Starring Greg Nemer and Rachael West

When the end of the world comes, do you know what you’ll do? Where you’ll go? Who you’ll save? It’s not always a simple answer, something that Abby and Kyle are figuring out the hard way.

A Twelve Monkeys Dancing Films Production